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About is a product of three students passionate about showcasing Singapore to visitors.

The inspiration for us to embark on developing a Singapore travel website was because we want to provide first-hand information on how best to experience our country. Through our experiences, we'll point you in the right direction to having your own unique Singapore experience.

We make user experience our priority. We welcome any queries you may have regarding travel in Singapore. We would gladly provide our advice and perhaps even recommend a suggested itinerary based on your specific preferences.

The Team

From left: Yuk Lun, Darren and Jason

Chan Yuk Lun

If curiosity killed the cat, that must only have been because Yuk Lun sent the unwitting cat to its doom. Yuk Lun delights in discovering new facets of Singapore everyday, and spends most afternoons of his university life hunting for the hidden gems that define what is Singaporean.

Darren Yong

Darren is taking Economics at Singapore Management University (SMU). Plays the flute in the SMU concert band and is also in the SMU tennis team. Just completed a 3 week stint in Chiang Mai helping to built a school and teaching English to the village kids. Enjoys doing charity projects and aspires to be a social entrepreneur.

Jason Teo Chun Rui

Jason is doing Business at National University of Singapore (NUS). Handles the technical aspects of the site. Aspires to do consultancy work and be an entrepreneur.



If you need any assistance or help regarding your trip to Singapore, we can be reached at:


You can also write about your experiences during your trip here. We will publish it if we find that it helps other travellers.