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Naumi Hotel - Singapore

Rating:5 Stars
Number of Rooms: 40

Naumi Hotel

The luxury boutique Naumi Hotel, in Seah Street, opened in 2007. The 10-storey hotel stands on the site of the former Metropole Hotel that The Hind Group - which has food and beverage business in Singapore and Malaysia, and serviced apartments in Hong Kong - bought for $18 million in 2006. The hotel was retrofitted at a cost of $10 million. The posh 40-roomer caters to business travellers and boasts bespoke service.

Located in the Central Business District, it is a convenient walk to City Hall MRT station. The rooms are top-notch, with amenities of 5-star hotels. A gourmet Nespresso coffee machine is provided for each room, together with a few blends of coffee. The view from the infinity pool at the rooftop is simply breathtaking. The hotel even provides a personal 24hr aide to attend to your requests. Although a small luxury hotel, Naumi Hotel provides 3 fitness rooms for guests. There is also an all-women floor. The rooms there cost the same as other rooms.

The city-centre location of the hotel means that there is a wide range of dining options from food courts (where numerous food stalls share a common area for patrons, common in Singapore shopping malls) to sophisticated restaurants. In short, Naumi Hotel has the ability to provide the perfect stay, if cost is of no issue.

Address: 41 Seah Street, Singapore 188396
Tel: +65 64036000
Fax: +65 64036010