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Wangz Hotel

Wangz is one of the newest boutique hotels that have sprung up. As with other boutique hotels, though they are not as huge as regular hotel chains, they offer exceptional interior decor and excellent service. Wangz is located in Outram, just minutes away from Singapore's financial core, and other major attractions within the Civic District. Orchard Road is a mere 7 minute drive away. In addition, Outram Park MRT station is a 5 minute walk away. 

Currently, the bulk of the hotel's clients are European business travellers, who tend to better appreciate boutique hotels. Wangz is a 41-room hotel in a 6-storey barrel-shaped building once occupied by offices and a hostel. Due to its circular shape, rooms come across as more homely and cosy. There are even full-length glass windows in shower stalls in bathrooms, treating guests to magnificent views of Tiong Bahru's rustic charm. The rooftop bar steps it up a notch, where guests can enjoy a great view of the city skyline. 

Wangz hotel plays home to more than $400 000 worth of artworks, displayed all around the hotel. Should you stumble upon an artwork that impresses, you'd be glad to know that all artworks displayed are up for sale too. In fact, there are cases where guests pick a particular room because of the artworks! 

Excellent interiors, a central location and fantastic room views. Experience all these and more by being a guest at Wangz Hotel!

Address: 231 Outram Road, Singapore 169040
Tel: +65 6595 1388
Fax: +65 6595 1399
E-mail :