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Resorts World Sentosa

At a cost of close to $7 billion, the Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) opened in a soft launch on 20th January 2010. The first of two highly-anticipated Integrated Resorts, it is developed by Genting International. RWS features Singapore's first ever casino, 6 uniquely-themed hotels, Asia's first Universal Studios Theme Park and the world's largest oceanarium. On top of these magnificent developments, guests and visitors will have no lack of shopping and dining opportunities with numerous retail and F&B outlets. RWS is expected to attract a whopping 13 million visitors annually!

The Hotels

With 6 hotels to choose from, guests to RWS will certainly be spoilt for choice. Each hotel will offer a unique guest experience. Familes with young children will be looking at the Festive Hotel, while grown-ups could be gunning for the Hard Rock Hotel or the sophisticated Hotel Michael.

Festive Hotel - Everything from the interior decor down to the service staff's demeanour is meant to be family-pleasing. Young children and the parents will be pleased to know that the welcome gifts that accompany rooms include the likes of plushies and cushions shaped after animated film characters, such as the lemur from Madagascar. Looking to spend quality time with your children while staying in Singapore? Look no further than the Festive Hotel!

Deluxe Family Room

Hard Rock Hotel - Aside from famous rock stars staring through their portraits and their music playing through the speakers, this hotel is a tad more grown-up compared to the Festive Hotel.

Hotel Michael - For those who appreciate art, everything in the hotel down to the cutlery is designed by American architect Michael Graves. Exuding elegance all round, this hotel definitely caters to the sophisticated traveller looking to appreciate the finer details.

Crockfords Tower Facility - This highly-exclusive hotel is only open to very high-rollers by elite invitation only. A luxurious suite at the Crockfords Tower will come free to those who have $100 000 or more to gamble at the resort. Private gambling rooms, personal butlers and a VIP reception directly from the airport. If you're looking for a luxurious pampering, this is definitely the hotel for you!

Equarius Hotel - An ideal retreat for nature lovers and families alike. With the Equarius Water Park at the hotel's doorstep, families can choose from many pools and water rides while enjoying a quiet time amidst Sentosa's lush greenery. 

Beach Villas - This hotel is perfect if you are looking for a pampering and relaxing trip. With each of the 22 units boasting outdoor pool pavilions and private spa treatment rooms , its a great way for guests to rest and rejuvenate. Furthermore, with its location on the island's western tip, you'll get a good view of sunset. 

 Universal Studios Singapore

This attraction is set to open with a bang! Asia's first Universal Studios Theme Park boasting 24 attractions and rides is expected to entertain 30 000 park goers a day, with a cumulative 5 million a year! Amongst the hottest new attractions in the park to open are the Waterworld Stunt Show and the Shrek 4D Adventure. Singapore has never seen such a stunning, live-action extravaganza like these.

The park is divided into 7 themed zones - The Lost World, Ancient Egypt, Sci-Fi City, New York, Hollywood, Madagascar and Far Far Away - the land of Shrek. One of the big attractions slated to open in the future is the Battlestar Galactica duelling rollercoasters ride, the tallest of its kind in the world. The Transformers attraction, adapted from the blockbuster film, offering 3D effects and High-Definition visuals will only open in 2011. 

Take a sneak peek at the Universal Studios Singapore...

Tickets can be purchased online. Visit the RWS website to book yours today!

Marine Life Park - The World's Largest Oceanarium

The Marine Life Park aims to both entertain and educate, being a cornerstone for research and conservation efforts for marine life. Visitors can look forward to entertaining programmes that both entertain and create awareness amongst the public on protecting our oceans. Other activities include wading pools, where visitors can interact with reef fishes. However, should you not want to get wet and friendly with marine creatures, take the opportunity to learn about our oceans' diminishing coral reefs, which are critical to the survival of marine life.  

The Oceanarium promises to be a great outing, especially for young children, where they can learn whilst having a whale of a time!


Opened 24/7, this vibrant strip is teeming with shopping and dining options. Retail outlets here offer everything from international labels to lifestyle accessorie. In addition, with numerous international cuisines to choose from, you'll definitely have a hard time taking your pick from all the restaurants located along this strip.

FestiveWalk Shopping

FestiveWalk is set to come alive after dusk, when visitors will be treated to two public visual shows designed by multiple Emmy-award winner, Jeremy Railton. They are the Crane Dance and the Light & Sound Extravaganza. These nightly performances are open to all RWS visitors at no extra charge. As for those interested, the Crane Dance plays in front of a 3000-seat plaza, in what will be a fantastic confluence of water, light and sound.

On a side note, this is also where you can purchase tickets to enter the Universal Studios Theme Park.


Voyage De La Vie

This is Singapore's first theatrical circus spectacular, with a cast hailing from all over the world. The brains behind this production include numerous talented show producers and artistic directors from 4 continents. Voyage De La Vie tells the mesmerising story of a boy's coming of age through depth of imagination. Audiences will be treated to performances of great gymnastic ability, magic tricks and illusions, inventive circus acts demanding huge physical ability, all backed up with song and dance. 

The show engages all your senses, be it through visual spectacles or alluring tunes. Audiences can revel in the spontaneous pockets of hilarious acts by the stage performers, particularly the illusionists billed as "Master Magician" and "Piano Genius" Jarett Parker and Raja Rahman. These 2 have performed on the major stages of Las Vegas, New York, Europe and Asia. Two other individuals you should look out for are Jonathan Leong and Viktor Kee, playing the roles of the boy and the lantern keeper respectively. 

Local boy Jonathan is extremely proud to be playing the lead role of the boy. Having taken the path of a singer/songwriter after finishing Singapore Idol in 2006 as runner-up, Jonathan scored this deal and is delighted to be in this first theatre production. To all Singaporeans, if you have the time, do catch the show and show your support for our home-grown musician. 

Viktor Kee has been juggling since the age of six and has won numerous awards as major international circus festivals. He is a veteran of famous theatre productions like Moulin Rouge and the Cirque du Soleil. He continues to push the act of juggling to new artistic levels, particularly evident in Voyage De La Vie, where he synchronises acrobatics, dance and juggling with pulsating music in a sensual ballet that will without a doubt leave audiences purring for more.