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Chinese New Year Festive Bazaar at Chinatown!

The annual festive bazaar in Chinatown is here once again as we usher in Chinese New Year! Numerous people congregate here year after year to shop for items for the home, festive goodies and gifts. The bazaar will happen from January 14 till February 2, with Pagoda, Temple, Smith, Sago and Trengganu streets blocked off to traffic during certain times of the day. 

With over 500 street stalls, expect to bump into throngs of shoppers searching for a bargain. Be it barbequed meat, new year cookies or home decorations, you'll be sure to find something that takes your fancy! Chinatown will be alive with street light-ups, lion and dragon dances, nightly cultural performances etc. Be sure to soak in the celebratory atmosphere by heading down to one of Singapore's most fascinating ethnic enclaves!

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