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Gardens by the Sentosa Bay to Open January 2011

Beginning January 29, pedestrians to Sentosa can enjoy a scenic and leisurely stroll. The 700m boardwalk is packed with green spaces, rest stops and unblocked views of the Sentosa bay. 

There are five themed gardens representing the tropical landscapes unique to Singapore: mangrove, rock garden, terrain and hill, coastal flora and rainforest. Approximately 130 plant species adorn the gardens, which also has seating spaces for pedestrians to enjoy the surroundings. Two retail and four F&B outlets are set to open along the boardwalk as well.

Without this boardwalk, visitors can only get to Sentosa by car, bus, cable car or the Sentosa Rail. The boardwalk boasts a covered walkway for visitors to get to Sentosa on foot even on rainy days. While this may be a great spot for families to hang out, the elderly and disabled may take advantage of the travellators to enjoy the gardens.

As an incentive to encourage people to walk to Sentosa, the entrance fee will be lower for those on foot. However, on January 29 and 30, admission will be free for those who choose to walk.  

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