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Get Up Close and Personal with Marine Wildlife at RWS

Resorts World Sentosa welcomes two new attractions this month: Adventure Cove and The Shark Encounter. These will be located within the already opened Marine Life Park, which is also host to an oceanarium billed as the world's largest, with 100 000 animals over eight hectares.

The Adventure Cove is a cylindrical enclosure with 200 sharks that visitors can dip in, walk on a sea mount or a mini sea bed within a massive aquarium housing manta rays and leopard sharks. The Shark Encounter takes visitors beneath the water surface, using rubber holds to stay underwater while being circled by 200 sharks swimming outside the tank - such as the hammerhead, sandbar and black-tip reef shark.

Humans have always had a fascination with sharks. Even for those afraid of sharks, it is human nature to want to see them, which explains the popularity of shark exhibits worldwide. This attraction's Shark Seas habitat replicates the sharks' natural environment, with sufficient open space for the open water sharks to roam, much like what they do in the middle of the ocean.

Another exhibit, the Sea Trek Adventure, opens on June 30. Visitors will don a dive suit and an underwater helmet, with a constant supply of oxygen, going 3m underwater to walk on the sea mount in the Open Ocean habitat, which is the 18.2 million litre centrepiece of the Marine Life Park's SEA Aquarium. Divers will be able to see 50 000 fishes of more than 8- species.

For tickets and more information about the exhibits, visit the Resorts World Sentosa site today!