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Revisiting Singapore as an Adult

by Charlotte McCulloch

Charlotte with Singapore City skylineSince living in Singapore as a child I’ve always had a soft spot for this unique country, whenever anyone would mention Singapore in conversation they would immediately have my attention and it would usually result in me telling them stories of my experiences of living there as a child.

None of my childhood memories of Singapore in the mid 1990’s however could compare to the reality of visiting again as an adult in 2011. The city has developed beyond all my expectations and is a modern exciting place to be that is completely different to any city I have visited before.

The first of Singapore’s attractions that I was to experience was the one I would be staying in, the Marina Bay Sands resort. As you drive up to the three towered, 57 storeys of hotel that dominates the city skyline you realise you are not in for your average stay. (That's me on the right with the beautiful Singapore city skyline - picture was taken from the Marina Bay Sands promenade).

Built on reclaimed land from the sea, not only was the hotel and its surrounding complex not there when I was last in Singapore but neither was the land it stands on. Singapore ever resourceful and updating wouldn’t let a little thing like no land being there stop its plans for development!

The Marina Bay Sands complex impresses from the moment you walk in, the large lobby area, shopping mall with more designer stores then most people will ever be able to afford, Sampan rides throughout the man made waterways, a casino, a theatre showing world class acts such as the Lion King and even its very own ice rink ensures you have more than enough to keep you entertained!

The highlight for me though has to be the Sky Park; here a jaw dropping infinity pool enables guests to swim overlooking arguably the best view of the city. If you aren’t lucky enough to be staying in the hotel, none residents although not permitted to use the swimming pool, can pay to visit the sky park and enjoy the views of the city from the sky deck.

MBS Skypark
Skypark at Marina Bay Sands Resort


As a child one of my favourite places in Singapore was Sentosa, it always felt like it was so far away and a real adventure to get to, as an adult returning I realised it was just 10 minutes down the causeway!

Long Bar at Raffles HotelBack in the mid 90’s I remember one small theme park (which of course I loved!) but now the island is home to its very own Universal Studios. This world class theme park coupled with 5 star hotels such as the Shangri La Rasa Sentosa Resort and the Hard Rock Cafe Hotel makes a trip out to Sentosa a must for everyone when visiting Singapore.

Always a favourite as a child was Raffles Hotel, many a time I would visit with my parents when family would come and visit from the UK and sit and watched whilst they enjoyed a legendary Singapore Sling in the Long Bar. This all changed on returning as an adult, I enjoyed my very first Singapore Sling in the very bar it was created, soaked up the colonial atmosphere and dropped my peanut shells on the floor! A wonderful place to visit that exudes both history and old world glamour.

Above all, even more so than the fantastic attractions that were on offer in Singapore, the most striking part of the visit for me was the sheer happiness and friendliness of the locals. Always happy to give you some tips on the best places to eat or shop or even just say hello, the Singaporean people really made our stay a welcome one and I can’t wait to return.


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