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Universal's First Transformers Ride Opens in Singapore

Universal Studios' 1st Transformers ride in 3D, based on the popular movie franchise, was launched at Resorts World Singapore yesterday. American film maker and producer Michael Bay, who directed all three Transformers movies, appeared in the instantly recognisable yellow Chevrolet Camaro for opening. The Camaro was done up to resemble the Transformers character Bumblebee in car mode.

Transformers Rise Opening With Michael Bay

Flanking Bay were theme park staff dressed as Bumblebee in Autobot mode and another robot character from the series, Optimus Prime. Michael Bay, who was personally oversaw the project, insisted that the same creative team who worked on the three Transformers movies be involved in designing the ride.

The four and a half minute Transformers ride accommodates 12 riders seated inside a vehicle modeled after a new Autobot character called Evac. Moving along a track, the vehicle gets shaken about and executes 360-degree spins as it tries to avoid attacks from the villains, the Decepticons.

Universal Studios Transformers Ride Singapore

3D glasses are provided for the riders as they whizzed through 12 scenes shown on giant screens that surround the vehicle. Realism was injected by using hot air, wind and heat, to simulate what the characters go through during the battle. The ride is limited to those who are at least 102cm tall.

Transformers Ride Entrance

Singapore is getting the ride before other countries because its construction started earlier, even before Universal Studios Singapore opened its doors to the public in March last year. This one of a kind ride is expected to boost visitor arrivals at the theme park to record levels.

The vice-president of park operations at Universal Studios Singapore, Mr John Hallenbeck, said: 'This is not only the most technologically advanced attraction in the park - I believe it is for all of Asia.'

Photo Credit: Coolinsights