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Victoria Concert Hall and Theatre

The Victoria Concert Hall and Theatre is made up of 2 buildings connected through the middle by a clock tower. This structure was built during an era when Britain was undergoing a Victorian Revivalism, as evident in the building’s architecture. Before the Esplanade was built, VCH was considered the venue with the best acoustics for performing arts. It was also the 1st home base of the Singapore Symphony Orchestra (SS0), which has since relocated to the Esplanade to take advantage of the more state of the art acoustics.

However, the Victoria Concert Hall and Theatre still plays host to a myriad of concerts each year. As it still retains its rustic charm from the old days, this venue remains a respectable centre for the arts worth a visit to.

Getting There

Take a train to City Hall MRT station and exit via Stamford Road. Follow the clear directional signs within the station.