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East Coast Lagoon Food Village

Along the well-frequented East Coast Park, you'll find the ever popular East Coast Lagoon Food Village. In 2003, the food centre was renovated and given a fresh new resort-like look. The tables and benches are largely wooden and sheltered. The food stalls form a ring around the seating area, given you the feeling that you're surrounded with food. As with each food centre, there are famous stalls which perpetually attract long queues. 

This place is very well patronised especially in the evenings. Arriving anytime after 7pm and you might have to wait for a seat, though as the seating area is pretty large, the wait should not be too long. This is a great place to drop by for a taste of local food in a very local setting. Do also check out what the other parts of East Coast Park have to offer here. 

Well-known Food

First, there is the famous Beef Noodle stall with the red signboard. The dish is simply sliced beef with a noodle type of your choice (thick, yellow noodles, flat noodles, vermicelli etc.) in a tasty soup boiled with beef stock. What makes this stall's beef noodles a hit is the extremely tasty soup and the noodle texture. While the beef may not be of a high quality, the blend of meat, noodles and the soup with sour vegetables and other condiments makes for a delicious meal. The stall is usually closed on Mondays and opens every other day for dinner only. 

The Satay Bee Hoon or vermicelli stall also attracts long queues. You may have to wait up to 45 minutes before getting your orders. The food is basically satay (malay skewered meat cooked over charcoal) with vermicelli topped with a special sauce spread evenly over the entire plate. Again, it is the sauce mixing with the tender meat and smooth vermicelli that has won the bellies of many locals who despite the long queues, continue to flock to the stall. 

Lastly, the braised duck rice or porridge is well-known for their excellence in serving duck meat. The duck rice is tasty and the meat, succulent and tender. This dish is usually topped off with a dark sauce that serves as a dip for the meat. 

Only at East Coast Lagoon Food Village will you find such a large number of satay sellers in a row, ever enthusiastic in asking for orders. Simply approach any seller and order your type of satay meat and how many sticks you want. However, being Muslim satay sellers, do not ask for pork satay! Only Chinese Satay sellers serve pork.