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East Coast Seafood Centre

Restaurant Signboard

If you are a seafood lover, this is the place to be! You'll find virtually all kinds of seafood at the restaurants here. Nestled along the serene East Coast Park away from the hustle and bustle of the city, are 3 blocks of seafood restaurants. This seafood centre is very well-patronised even on weekday evenings, so be sure to ask your hotel concierge to reserve a spot at your chosen restaurant in advance. 

Most of the restaurants tend to serve similar dishes, though one restaurant might serve up a better butter prawn dish (or any other dish) than another. Local specialities are dishes like the famous chilli and black pepper crabs. These go well when eaten with deep-fried buns on the side, which locals dip in the sauce that accompanies the crab dish. Another favourite is the drunken prawn dish. Your server will place a bowl of live prawns on your table and pour liqueur in the bowl. You'll notice the prawns twitching and jumping before they are "drunk" and subsequently cooked. This is certainly a unique dish worth trying! For those who are wondering, the restaurants also have non-seafood Chinese dishes. 

All the restaurants have outdoor tables and air-conditioned interiors. As most frequent this seafood centre in the evenings, sitting outdoors is recommended and should be comfortable enough, as the indoor area tends to have poor acoustics, making the place exceptionally noisy. 

Getting There

Refer to our guide to accessing East Coast Park here. 

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