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Parliament House

The new Parliament House of present was once the Attorney General's Chambers which dates back to the mid 19th century. Rather than adopting a Greco-Roman or Corinthian design, the present Parliment House looks more comtemporary and modern.

Located nearby are 2 famous buildings fronting the Padang (an open field along St Andrew's Road). The imposing grandeur of the Supreme Court and City Hall is a must-see while touring the city's civic district. The architecture of the Supreme Court has columns of Corinthian origins, a large dome and a spacious interior. Interestingly, the Supreme Court bears close resemblance to the Capitol Building in Washington DC. Just adjacent lies the Singapore City Hall, with its simple rectangular shape and corinthian columns. It might not look as stunning as the Supreme Court, but beautiful nonetheless once lit up in the evening.

For those that are interested in attending a live parliament session, no advance reservation is required. However, where there are slots during a parliament sitting, the parliament clerk or serjeant-at-arms will issue admission orders to members of the public who apply in person at the Public Lobby.

Getting There (Parliament House)

Alight at City Hall MRT station and walk towards North Bridge Road.

Alternatively, alight at Raffles Place MRT station and walk across Elgin Bridge.