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Chinatown Heritage Centre

The new Chinatown Heritage Centre is now located in 3 recently restored shop houses, housed within the ethnic quarters of Chinatown. This historical place pays homage to the memories and stories of Singapore’s forefathers, who traveled from afar to settle in what is now modern day Singapore.

Different levels of the Heritage Centre take you through a different point in time in Chinatown’s history, narrating the life of its early settlers. You will get to experience the old rented cubicles these people endured, their lives of hardship, and finally the old evils of opium, gambling, prostitution and secret societies.

Chinatown in the heydays was a bustling town center, brimming with festivals of the various cultures, making it an ethnically diverse and rich area.

Hourly guided tours are conducted daily, at SGD 8 for adults and SGD 4.80 for children.

Getting there

The Heritage Centre is located in close proximity to the Chinatown MRT station. Look out for signs within the station directing you to the exit nearest to the heritage centre.

Opening Hours

Daily 10am-7pm