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Peranakan Museum

This is a sister museum under the Asian Civilisations Museum. The Peranakan Museum aims to explore the interesting culture of peranakan communities in Singapore, Malaysia and Penang, together with their links throughout SE Asia. Opening in 2008, this museum is a proud testament to the Peranakan culture revival in Singapore of recent times. The Peranakan people are descendents of Chinese men who married Malay women in the 19th century. This was because during that time, Chinese women in China were rarely allowed to leave the Chinese Mainland, thus the Chinese men who migrated to Singapore and Malaysia had to settle for Malay women, giving birth to a hybrid culture - the Peranakan.

This boutique museum has the world’s largest collection of Peranakan artifacts. Its permanent galleries showcase the culture and practices of the Peranakans. In addition, there are 2 temporary galleries that present special exhibitions throughout the year.

Getting there

  • Approximately a 10-minute walk from City Hall MRT station

Opening Hours

  • Monday 1pm-7pm
  • Tuesday to Sunday  9.30am-7pm (till 9pm on Fridays)