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East Coast Park

Spanning a total of 15km, the coastline of East Coast Park is an all-encompassing urban retreat. Themed “recreation for all”, it offers a magnificent range of sporting, dining and recreational activities.

For those looking for action, the newly opened Xtreme Skate Park provides an avenue for skaters, skate-boarders and cyclists to hone their tricks. You could also try your hand at ski-boarding at the Ski 360. Canoeing, sailing and jet ski rides are also available at various water sports centres along the park.

If you are simply looking for relief from city life, why not settle for a cosy picnic under coconut trees, or take a leisurely stroll and allow the fresh sea breeze to invigorate you.

The park is also an excellent destination for dining. Take your pick from the Lagoon food centre, East Coast Seafood Centre, Marine cove and The Playground. There are plenty of cosy joints, fast-food outlets and restaurants at both Marine Cove and The Playground. These places are great for enjoying a cold drink while enjoying the sea view and ambience.

Getting There

Bus service 401 from Bedok Interchange (located next to Bedok MRT station) takes you along East Coast Park Service Road, the road that spans the entire park. Depending on which section of the park you want to access, you can alight anywhere along this road. Alternatively, you can reach the park through various underpasses along the East Coast Parkway (an expressway). These can be accessed if you know where to alight along Upp East Coast Road, Marine Parade Road or Fort Road.

Alighting along Upp East Coast Rd: Buses 10, 13, 14, 43, 48 ply this route.

Alighting along Marine Parade Road: Buses 31, 43, 48, 55, 155, 196, 197 ply this road. Underpasses can be found along Siglap Link, Marine Terrace and Marine Crescent roads.

However, you can save the hassle of getting lost by taking a taxi. Popular spots to alight are the Bedok Jetty, Lagoon Food Centre, East Coast Seafood Centre, Marine Cove and The Playground. Your cab driver will be familiar with these places.


East Coast Park is great for cycling, skating, a brisk walk or water sports. Here's a glimpse of what you can expect to see and experience as you take a leisurely stroll along the length of the park. We start off at the Bedok Jetty. Especially in the late afternoons and evenings, you'll see fishing enthusiasts casting their rods to sea and occasionally reel in a substantial catch. Cyclists are allowed on the jetty, thus do keep to the sides if you are walking. As you leave the jetty, head left towards the lagoon food centre. The Xtreme Skate Park along the way is where youngsters practise with skateboards and bikes. You can enter the area for a look, otherwise head on ahead. The Lagoon Food Centre is very popular in the evenings, with seats hard to come by if you arrive after 6.30pm. Do drop by for a meal if you are visiting around lunch or dinner hours.

Move on towards the Lagoon, where the SKI360 is located. Especially in the late afternoon, you'll see wake-boarders taking a spin on the man-made course. If you're up to the challenge, why not change to your bathing suit and have a go? The East Coast Seafood Centre, the largest in Singapore, is next. Numerous seafood restaurants are located here, therefore take your pick and enjoy the local style seafood, like the signature Chilli or Black Pepper Crabs.

Continue strolling along the footpaths towards Marine Cove. There is the East Coast Chalet and wide open grass patches where in the mornings, you'll see groups of elderly people practising Tai Chi. Move on further where you'll see numerous bike and skate rental shops and an indoor football arena. Marine Cove is populated with fast food joints, restaurants and cafes. Though not exactly by the seaside, it has a nice ambience for dining in the evenings. Even further down the park, you'll arrive at The Playground, another area filled with fast-food, seafood, Japanese and Indian cuisine and more cafes.

Of course, should you choose not to visit all these places or if you simply do not have the time, pick your spot and get your cab to take you straight there. However, for those looking to have a day out in the sun and the sand, pack your bathing suits, proper footwear and sufficient water and you're all set!