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About us at Singapore Travel

Why I love Singapore

Since I was 21, travelling to London on my first big overseas experience, I’ve had a love of travel. I’ve been all over the world and seen so many amazing places, but there is something about Singapore that really connects with me.

Maybe it is the incredible food, the diversity of cultures, or maybe the city’s modern nature – so exciting and yet so accessible. Whatever the reason, Singapore has a special place in my heart.

As much as I love Singapore, it can be an overwhelming city. There is so much to see and do and so many places to explore that often, people don’t know where to start.

People wonder: What restaurants should I visit? Where should I go shopping? What are the hidden places that only locals know about, where I can see the real Singapore? I realised there was a need for an online space that could answer these questions with information that people could really trust. A central location that would make people’s journeys to this great city easy and truly pleasurable. So, the Singapore Travel Guide was born.

My background

As a web developer and entrepreneur, I have been a bit of a pioneer in the online world. My first venture was an online restaurant guide. This was a great business for many years and taught me about the power of the internet to quickly connect people with the right information based on their interests or past habits.

In 2015 my love of travel led to a new business opportunity building a travel agency selling only online. This put me in contact with fellow travel lovers and made me realise that there was a need for websites that collected key information about great cities, so travellers could truly experience these places.

Because I had been travelling to Singapore for a decade and was an avid explorer of this place, it made sense to me to create Singapore Travel Guide to assist the many travellers that come to this great city.

Why I started this website

It’s my goal to go beyond providing just a basic outline of Singapore. I want to do more than recycle the same information you can find in other travel guides. Instead, I provide up-to-the-minute, in-depth details about all the wonderful parts of this Asian city.

That means providing information about the food and drink available in Singapore, from fine dining to sidewalk eateries and hawker centres.

I also provide details on what a traveller to Singapore can do. Singapore offers so many great things to do with activities, museums, parks and gardens, and we have it all covered – including information on the city’s incredible transport system.

Singapore is renowned for shopping, and we go into depth on what you can do in when you are looking for some retail therapy.

Famous areas are described too, like Sentosa Island and Orchard Road. Finally, Singapore has some of the best accommodations in the world, and Singapore Travel Guide gives you a full unbiased description of the hotels on offer in the city: from the best 5-star hotels to the most interesting boutique hotels.

Learn about the highlights of this dynamic city, so you can make vital decisions about how to spend your time and energy before you arrive.

In conclusion

I want to reflect on the three values that Singapore was founded on: openness, multiculturalism and self-determination. This is what residents love about living in the city, and it is what I love to experience when I visit.

Singapore is a country with a unique identity of its own, and I want to honour that with Singapore Travel Guide. Diversity in ethnicity and religion meld seamlessly in social interaction and in food and landmarks. That means, to get a real feeling for the city, you need to get out and experience it: taste it, smell it and feel its energy.

I hope that Singapore Travel Guide helps you to do that. So you can come to love the city, as much as I have.

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