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What you need to know about Singapore” No, Singapore is not located in China, Indonesia or the Philippines. While Singapore might be known as the “little red dot”, this is a city adorned with countless high-rise buildings, blessed with tropical sunshine all-year round and populated by a multi-cultural people. Interested in learning more about the […]

About Singapore

What you need to know about Singapore Singapore is a small country of 4.9 million located in South-East Asia at the southern tip of the Malayan Peninsula. At 710.2 kilometers square, it is the smallest country in South East Asia. However, it is also the most prosperous, as the 22nd richest country in the world […]

Visa Requirements for Singapore

Passport stamps showing visa requirements for Singapore

What you need to know about Visa Requirements in Singapore Visitors from most countries do not require a specific visa to be granted access to Singapore. For a list of countries that require visas prior to arrival, please refer to the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority website. For countries not on the list, visitors will still […]

Singapore Weather

What is the weather like in Singapore? Singapore has an equatorial climate, with no distinct seasons. Due to its maritime exposure and proximity to the equator, Singapore has near uniform temperatures, pressure, abundant rainfall, and high humidity all year round. The months of May and June are the hottest, with relatively less rainfall and strong […]

Currency & Rates

What you need to know about Currency & Rates in Singapore The currency of Singapore is the Singapore dollar (SGD or S$) or simply dollar. The Singapore dollar is interchangeable with the Brunei dollar since 1963. Common Conversions At the time of writing, these are the approximate exchange rates with several of the world’s major […]

Time Zone in Singapore

What is the time zone in Singapore? Singapore is located in the time zone GMT+8. No Daylight Saving Time is forecasted for the next decade. Noon or 1200 hours in London would mean it’s 8 pm or 2000 hours in Singapore. Time in Singapore now Date in Singapore now

Travel Tips to Singapore

Travel Tips to Singapore During your Stay Money Changers Money Changers can be found all over the city. Your best bet will be at shopping centres, where such stalls are most commonly located. Banks change money too, though the rates are much better at the money changers. Portable Water Tap water in Singapore is well-filtered […]

Festivals in Singapore

Popular festivals in Singapore Singapore’s racial diversity and religious freedom have given rise to each ethnic group having its own festivals. There are festivals unique to the Chinese, Malays, and Indians. Similarly, Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, Christians, and other religions all have different festivals. As a result, almost every month of the year sees a celebration […]

Singapore Accommodation

Accommodation options in Singapore As far as accommodation is concerned, tiny Singapore is teeming with hotels. In fact, there has never been more hotels than there are now. Take your pick from the luxurious ones that will blow your budget or settle for less with cheap no-frills hostels! Prices across the board have certainly shot […]