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Renowned national heritage site, home to a variety of eateries and bars

Chijmes National Heritage Site in Singapore

Chijmes (pronounced ‘chimes’), is a national heritage site. It is a well-known place for winding down after a hard day’s work, thanks to its numerous cozy eateries and pubs. Patrons will enjoy their food and drinks amidst the fine gothic architecture of Chijmes, right in the heart of the city. In addition, Chijmes Hall, a restored chapel, provides an intimate venue for artistic performances and even weddings.

Food and beverage outlets: 11.00 am till late (daily) shops boutiques: – 10.00 pm this unique, one-of-a-kind compound with its gothic architecture, was once the convent for the holy infant Jesus, icon education generations of Singaporean girls since 1852. in 1991, major restoration works commenced. five half years s$100 million later, chimes reopened in mid-1996. it transformed into the perfect venue for alfresco dining amidst an unmatched atmosphere ambiance. F&B outlets now populate the compound, with long covered walkways, carefully planned open spaces beautiful courtyards. fact, courtyards have been used as backdrops for musical theatre performances. choose from an extensive array of international cuisine at Chijmes. There are Japanese, Italian, French, Spanish, Chinese, and American restaurants among many more. most cafes area indoor air-conditioned spaces. 

so choices, you can be sure to find something suitable. while visiting Chijmes, take time to appreciate these structure’s buildings 19th-century stained-glass windows are magnificently restored, including facade plasterwork. hall convent’s chapel. today is a multi-function fantastic ambiance anything wedding ceremonies music recitals. Caldwell house sanctuary nuns that ran 150 ago. after ending on a particular building in June 1997, an art gallery, mainly an exhibition fountain court just behind sunken courtyard cobblestone, fountains huge shady trees. are two levels here make full use of cooling effect ingenious concept. 

The lawn is located right-center great afternoon or evening stroll, where sounds city will buffer by surrounding buildings.

How to get to Chijmes in Singapore

Train alight at MRT station Singapore’s busiest station. follow directional signs within the station exit nearest a short 5-minute walk away. 

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