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All you need to know about Club Street & Far East Square

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Club Street, which links Cross Street with Ann Siang Hill is located within the Chinatown vicinity. This place is also known for its array of restaurants and nightclubs that occupy the rows of neatly conserved shop-houses along the street. The nightlife joints here are more costly than say one at Clarke Quay, so only those without a budget should consider frequenting Club Street.

The ambience at night is great. The shop-houses are awash in warm lighting and you’ll hear the constant chatter of people within the nightclubs. The crowd that frequents Club Street is more mature and clubs play soothing music, unlike the loud and glitzy popular clubs such as ZOUK and St James Power Station.


How to get to Club Street & Far East Square

Taxi, train, bus

Take a train and alight at Raffles Place MRT station. Follow the directional signs to the correct exit within the station. Club Street is within walking distance.


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