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This former British Army Barracks in the colonial era has been rejuvenated and magnificently transformed into an enclave of bars and restaurants. Today, those observant enough can still make out the original parade square and the old Central Manpower Base Office. Before 1989, all 18 year-old males reported to this very location for enlistment into National Service. For many middle-aged men today, Dempsey Hill will forever be etched in memory as the starting point for 2 years of “hardship” and forever recalled with nostalgia.

There is a total of 18 blocks of modern cafes, restaurants and chic bars. Choose from a variety of Western, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Indian cuisine amongst an international palate. Besides fine dining, there are also retail outlets located on Dempsey Hill. Ladies will want to pamper themselves at the Beauty Emporium and the Nail Room, while those looking to improve their home decor can visit the exquisite antiques, handicrafts and furniture sold at various outlets.

Dempsey Hill is beautiful and unique for its ambience amid the lush greenery. This place is certainly worth a visit for serious foodies, both for the wide range of cuisines and their culinary excellence.


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Reaching Dempsey Hill by public transport is troublesome. Most opt to take a taxi. However, there are shuttle bus services within the city area.


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