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Esplanade Waterfront Guide

All you need to know about Esplanade Waterfront

The Esplanade – Theatres On the Bay is Singapore’s premier performing arts venue. The unique architecture of the buildings resembling durians, a tropical fruit, is an attraction in itself. For an arts venue, the Esplanade has a surprisingly wide variety of dining opportunities. There is a palate of cuisines ranging from Asian to Western, outdoor hawker areas to cosy bars. Therefore, even for those not intending to attend a concert or performance, the Esplanade waterfront area is still a great place to enjoy a meal.

Glutton’s Bay, an outdoor hawker area just adjacent to the Esplanade buildings, is an award-winning hawker centre. The prices might be steeper than your average neighbourhood hawker centre, but the food is generally good. In fact, each hawker is handpicked by Makansutra (a hawker food rating “bible”). The stalls resemble old Chinese pushcarts, lined up in a single row. Though the place might seem slightly “touristy”, the ambience feels like that of a hawker centre, albeit with a nicer bay view!

Walk along the promenade of the Esplanade where there is a mix of high-end restaurants like the Jang Shou Authentic Korean BBQ and lower end ones like ThaiExpress. There are also numerous bars and cafes both within the Esplanade and along the promenade. Premier names like Harry’s Jazz bar and Haagen-Dazhave outlets here as well. A recent addition is Southbridge Jazz @ 7atenine, a jazz club that has its roots at Southbridge road at Boat Quay. Expect to be entertained with live jazz music every night, usually after 8pm, in a cool, laid-back environment.[/vc_column_text][wiloke_heading blockname=”Transport…” title=”How to get to Esplanade Waterfront” description=”Taxi, train, bus” alignment=”text-left” blogname_color=”rgb(195, 204, 94)” title_color=”rgb(140, 4, 4)” description_color=”hsv(65, 54%, 80%)”][vc_column_text]

Take a train to City Hall MRT station. The Esplanade is a short 10 minute walk through the underground City-Link mall.

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