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Ethnic Enclaves Guide in Singapore

All you need to know about Ethnic Enclaves Guide in Singapore

When Sir Stamford Raffles first set foot on the Lion City in 1819, he saw it best that the city be segregated according to ethnicity due to the island’s racial diversity. As a result, the Chinese congregated in Chinatown, Indians in Little India and Malays in Kampung Glam and Arab Street.

These ethnic enclaves have endured till this day, though these places are no longer the focal point of their respective cultures. These places hold significant historical importance, with numerous old buildings marked for conservation and subsequent restoration.

In recent years, the enclaves have been sign-posted to improve the tourist experience. There are clear directions to the main attractions and streets. Furthermore, the enclaves are all located within the City’s civic district with train stations conveniently plying the areas. However, for the young and adventurous, it is possible to walk from one enclave to another.

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