Newton Food Centre or Newton Circus Hawker in Singapore

Posted on May 12, 2019

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Newton Food Centre or Newton Circus Hawker in Singapore

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For a hawker centre, Newton Food Centre or Newton Circus is huge. There are plenty of local food stalls to choose from, the food centre is well-ventilated and spacious, and is very accessible (Newton MRT station is just across the street). This place is best frequented during the evenings for dinner or supper.

Newton Circus is the most “touristy” of all hawker centres. Stallholders openly tout and approach foreigners to order something from their stalls. Even for the locals, this is extremely annoying. However, you are not obliged to cede to their advances. You are free to order anything that takes your fancy.

Well-known Food

For those looking for a “light” meal, do try either a fish soup (a clear tasty soup with fish slices and other condiments usually eaten with steamed rice) or fish porridge. The corner stall along the first row of stalls from the main entrance serves great fish soups. “Popiah” is another small dish you should try. Its a healthy food consisting of lettuce, bamboo shoots, beansprouts, egg, shrimp and other condiments rolled together with a thin skin made of flour. The stall selling popiah is “Bee Heng”, with a perpetually long queue.

Looking for sinful but extremely tasty food? You’ll have to dig in into oyster omelettescarrot cakesbarbecued stingrays and chicken wings. Stall 65 serves up great oyster omelettes, with a nearby stall selling carrot cake. Any BBQ seafood stall will have stingray and other seafood on order. Choose your dishes and specify whether you want chilli in your food or on a separate sauce plate.

There are also noodle soups – prawn noodlesfish-ball noodles etc. When ordering, specify if you want chilli and also choose what kind of noodle you want (fat & yellow noodles, flat noodles, thin noodles, vermicelli etc.) If you don’t know the local names for these, simply describe the type of noodle you want to the stall holder.

Located further in are the Muslim and Indian stalls. Do try food like roti john (bread fried with egg and meat) or roti prata (tossed Indian pancake eaten with curry) and murtabak (roti prata stuffed with meat).


How to get to Newton Food Centre

MRT Train, Taxi

Newton MRT station is just across the street.


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Drive yourself to Newton Food Centre

Why not hire a car while you’re in Singapore and visit the Newton Food Hawker centre in your own time. Roads are easy to follow and great to drive on. Hire cars are modern. Tourists can drive using a valid foreign licence and an International Driving Permit (IDP), issued in your home country. If you come from one of the Asian Nations you can drive in Singapore without an international permit.

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