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Accommodation options in Singapore

As far as accommodation is concerned, tiny Singapore is teeming with hotels. In fact, there has never been more hotels than there are now. Take your pick from the luxurious ones that will blow your budget or settle for less with cheap no-frills hostels!

Prices across the board have certainly shot up in recent years. Therefore, do not be alarmed by budget hotels quoting mid-range prices, though this is often accompanied by corresponding improvements in amenities.

Though the vast majority of hotels are located in and around the city centre, there are certainly options for the travellers who want to experience the less glitzy side of Singapore. Hostels and cheap hotels in the Joo Chiat and Geylang (without the sleaze) areas offer such an alternative. Do take note of the additional charges (a hefty additional 16% comprising government tax, service charges and goods & services tax) levied over and above the rates quoted over the hotel reservation desks.

Ultimately, given Singapore’s well-developed transport system and small size, hotel location should not be too much of a hindrance to finding your way around town.

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