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Singapore Zoo

There are lots of activities within the Singapore zoo. From tram rides, to animal shows and presentations, also dine with orangutans in the “breakfast with an orangutan” program.

Singapore Zoo

The Singapore Zoo is one of the country’s top attractions, drawing approximately 1.5 million visitors annually. From the outset, the Singapore Zoo adopted the modern, naturalistic and open concept in housing its animals. It makes use of moats concealed by vegetation or rock walls etc. to separate the animals from visitors. The Singapore Zoo is home to the largest social group of 25 Orangutans in the world. In addition, the zoo’s breeding program was successful, with the birth of a polar bear in the tropics. There is a myriad of activities within the zoo. From tram rides to animal shows and presentations, visitors can also dine with orangutans in the “breakfast with an orangutan” program.

Set up in 1973, the Singapore Zoo is one of the most acclaimed zoos in the world despite its young age. In addition to the “open” enclosure policy, the zoo consistently strives to provide living conditions that are as close to that in the wild, with the use of naturalistic rock faces, moats, and trenches. If simply strolling around the 29-hectare park isn’t enough for you, there are numerous shows that you can catch throughout the day! These will certainly get you in the mood for more animal visiting!

With 410 species of animals and numerous activities to enjoy, the zoo, open 365 days a year, promises an entire day of fun.  It is also highly recommended that you cross over to the neighboring.

Airport transfers…

How to get from Changi Airport Singapore to Singapore Zoo

Taxi, Shuttle bus

If you have signed up for a tour package that runs a scheduled bus service to and from important Singapore attractions such as the zoo, simply enquire from the tour agency the bus timings.

If you are travelling by public transport, take a train and alight at Ang Mo Kio MRT station. Board bus service 138 from the bus interchange (connected directly to the MRT station). This bus service is a loop service with the zoo as the looping point. You will definitely not miss it!


Opening Hours & Admission Fees for the Singapore Zoo

There are many package deals available

The zoo is open from 8.30am – 6pm daily.

Prices as at May 2019
Adults S$37
Children (6-12 years) S$25

There are many package deals available, such as the park hopper deal that incorporates the Zoo, Night Safari and the Jurong Bird Park or even the Zoo-per saver deal that includes free tram rides and a boat ride. These can only be purchased at the zoo ticket counter.  Therefore, feel free to enquire for a deal to best suit your itinerary!

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