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Your guide to Night Life in Singapore

The best guide to Night Life in Singapore

In recent years, Singapore, to her credit, has been rejuvenated to become a city “that never sleeps”. The occasional pub or watering hole has given way to trendy all-night clubs and pubs, with distinctive precincts that cater to those looking to let loose. Better yet, the nightlife scene has evolved to include people of all inclinations and tastes. Simply looking for a drink? Or do you want to rock, party and dance till the wee hours? Take your pick!

Tips and Pointers

Enjoying the nightlife and drinking in Singapore does not come cheap, with the city being one of the most expensive places in SE Asia for drinking. Barring hawker centres, where beers go for roughly S$6 per bottle, an average city bar or club will cost you twice that price. More upmarket clubs have entrance fees of more than S$20, though some might include a drink.

Therefore, if you mind the cheap tables and bright lights of a roadside hawker centre while drinking a beer, be prepared to fork out much more at trendier city bars and clubs. As with all other cities, be mindful of your drinking quantities.  Drunk driving attracts a hefty punishment while persons drunk in public can be fined or even imprisoned.

Opening Hours

In general, most clubs and bars open after 5 pm and are free to operate till the early hours, usually, till 1 or 2 am on weeknights and 3 am on Friday and Saturday nights. Public transport networks like buses and trains cease operating roughly around midnight, thus for those that do not drive, be prepared to take a taxi, where late night surcharges (quite significant) apply.

Popular Haunts and Hotspots

Well-frequented precincts include the three quays (Clarke, Boat and Robertson), Orchard Road and Holland Village. Below is a list of the popular hang-outs, that tend to be thronged with people on most nights.

Ziggurats of Unbelievable Kolours (ZOUK) – If you’re looking for other like-minded people to party with, ZOUK is the best place for you! Once voted Asia’s best club, this nightspot boasts dance floors in a restored waterfront warehouse that groove to the beat of the trendy DJs. Long considered Singapore’s best club.

St James Power Station – What was once a coal-fired power station is now a new addition to the clubbing scene. There are numerous bars and clubs in the complex, with a single entrance cover fee granting you access to all. Enjoy the various live music by bands of different styles while enjoying a night out!

Butter Factory – A hip-hop and R&B dance club, cover charges include a complimentary drink.

Loof – An extremely cool rooftop bar. What’s different here is that for those wanting a little privacy, there are secluded seating areas for just your group.

Wala Wala Cafe Bar –  This two-storey restaurant and bar is great for a light evening of catching your favourite sporting events on live screens on the 1st floor. Alternatively, there is a fantastic live rock band on the 2nd.

Brewerkz – This microbrewery and restaurant is neatly set along Clarke Quay, well-known for superb beers brewed on site.

Paulaner Brauhaus – A German microbrewery and restaurant that serves signature German brews with seasonal brews like OktoberFest beers in October. For good drinkers, there are even 1 litre mugs that will certainly satisfy the most ardent of beer fans!

Harry’s Quayside – Crowds often spill onto the sidewalk as this is an extremely popular place for drinks. You’ll be treated to blues music on Sundays, and jazz from Wednesdays to Saturdays.

Refer to our Restaurants, Hawkers and Dining hotspots for a more complete list of nightlife precincts worth a visit!

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