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Places of Interest In Singapore

All you need to know about Places of Interest In Singapore

Singapore is a city of diverse cultures, green spaces, great food and a fantastic shopping destination! The colloquial “something for everyone” certainly holds true for travellers to Singapore.

The arts scene is vibrant and alive with the numerous museums. Culture, Singapore history, SE Asian history and the best artworks from the region and beyond, our museums are a diverse mix in itself. In addition, the various art venues around the city play host to musicals, concerts, plays and recitals. Be sure to check out the music calendar during your stay as you just might be in town when a world-class act is performing.

Ever wonder what pre-modern Singapore looked like? Take a stroll through the ethnics enclaves, designated in the original city plan drawn up by Sir Stamford Raffles back in 1819. These precincts were meant to segregate the Chinese, Malays and Indians into their own communities. Today, these places retain their old charm, though most of which have been spruced up to cater to tourists.

No trip to Singapore is complete without visiting the famous places of interest such as the award-winning zoo and night safari, or the Singapore Flyer, the world’s tallest wheel observatory.

Last but not least, while in Singapore, it is an absolute must to indulge in the food tasting and shopping. Numerous cultures give rise to an endless variety of food, especially at hawker centres. The pervasiveness of shopping malls in just about every neighbourhood and the city centre and orchard road makes shopping an attraction in itself! What’s more, these air-conditioned buildings offer welcome respite from the heat![

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