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Travelling On A Shoestring Budget In Singapore

Singapore is increasingly becoming an expensive place to visit. You could easily blow through a huge budget on accommodation, food, and entrances to theme parks . Probably the only thing that is cheap by world standards is getting around by public transport. Cab fares are also relatively cheap compared to London, New York and Tokyo.

Prices of hotels and accommodation have gone up many folds over the last few years and it is not easy finding a hotel room for less than $200. But if you are not too fussy there are other options like hostels and budget hotels away from the main shopping belt and the city that offer good value for your money plus clean rooms.

One of them, with a catchy name, is “A Beary Good Hostel”. They have two hostels in Chinatown with rates for a dorm bed start around US$11.80 for a dorm bed and comes with free Wi-Fi and breakfast. Another one – Sleepy Sam’s charges US$19.70 for a dorm bed, anytime breakfast and Wi-Fi too.

Hotel 81 is a popular budget hotel chain. Rooms start around US$40 for a double if booked through online sites like Agoda or in advance. There are several branches around town, some look very dated and others are located near notorious districts, so check the specific hotel out on Tripadvisor before you book.

Footprints Hostel, along Perak road, which is near the city and close to budget shopping areas like Sim Lim Tower (for electronics goods) and Jalan Besar, offer good clean rooms from US$25.

Well if you are on a REALLY tight budget you can try couchsurfing where you can stay for free. Partially due to the large expat community in addition to the high cost of hotels, the couchsurfing community in Singapore is huge. While some hosts may offer you a couch, many will have a spare bed or even, as in our case, a very comfortable second bedroom. The added benefit of couchsurfing in Singapore is that your host might have time to show you around or at least give plenty of tips for fun things to see and do that you may have otherwise never known.

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