Diving in Singapore

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Diving in Singapore

Islands, where to go

Scuba-diving, snorkeling and swimming in the sea are not exactly the first things that come to mind to any traveller to Singapore. That said, the Southern offshore islands – Kusu Island, Lazarus and Sisters’ Islands offer great opportunities. In fact, as the sea currents are strong, even learned divers are encouraged to go on organised tours.

Kusu Island

This island is popular for day trips. The warm waters are perfect for swimming among corals, turtles, sea fans, pelagic fishes and other sea creatures. The popular Chinese Temple Da Bo Gong or Tua Pek Kong (God of Prosperity) is located on the island too. Crowds of 100 000 or more flock to this temple on the ninth month of the Lunar Calendar to pray.

Besides the lagoons and tranquil settings, it is a must to climb to the hilltop of the island for a magnificent view of mainland Singapore!

Lazarus and Sisters’ Islands

Lazarus Island boasts lush tropical vegetation, beautiful sands and clear blue waters. It is earmarked by the Singapore Tourist Promotion Board for development into a tropical beach resort island by 2015.

The Sisters’ Islands were born from a myth that there were once 2 sisters, Minah and Lina. One day, the chief of the Orang Laut, native islanders that once occupied Singapore, wanted Lina for himself and forced her away from her sister. Being very close, Minah tried her best to save Lina from the Chief’s clutches. As the Chief was about to flee on a sampan boat, Minah, while trying to save her sister, was engulfed by a huge wave. On seeing this, Lina escaped from her captors and threw herself into the sea to join her sister. It is said that the 2 islands Subar Laut and Subar Darat emerged from where the sisters drowned, hence the name Sisters’ Islands.

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